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About Ogardonix

Ogardonix was born in 2014 from an action RPG idea. It should be the easiest way to finance Ralin on Kickstarter. From this idea became a passion. We saw how much effort it takes to produce, market and sell a game. Something had to happen, it was too difficult and the game industry seemed to lag 10 years behind. We specialized in online marketing and reached millions of customers over the internet and achieved 6 digit sales without the usual platforms like Steam, Epic, GoG or itch. This meant we had full control, but also the task of generating traffic and reorganizing support.

2020 is the year we want to pass this on to others. We help you market your game.


Here at Ogardonix you can learn everything you need to market a video game. It has never been easier to plan and execute the right steps in the right order.

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