10. February 2020Livestream2 hours
All Tools and Tricks includedAge: 16 & older

A Basic SEO and Page Load Class for Game Developers

Creating a website is unfortunately not enough. You also have to optimize it and make it attractive to Google. The decisive factor is how quickly such a page can be reached and how well it works on smartphones. This often decides about the sale of a game.

In this class we will cover a lot of practical tips, going through the tools.
Expose keyword research and ranking control in more detail.
Caching and hosting with Apache and Nginx.
Optimization of HTML and CSS exposure and how to deliver the page as gzip.

We also talk about static pages that load much faster. And how to create and update them with WordPress.

Livestream Class
This class is not a video course. Everybody can ask questions and you get personal help.

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Our Instructors

Ogardonix Game Development - Christian Biever Warchief

Christian has been developing websites and online shops for over 20 years. He has been working with WordPress for years and knows all tips and tricks to make the site interesting for the user.