10. February 2020Online4 hours
Hosting and Wordpress inclusiveAge: 16 & older

A Basic WebDesign Class for Game Developers

Many people don’t think about how important a good website is for their own game and how much this website brings. A good website for your game is a marketing measure that can bring you a lot of new fans. But in the world of Likes and Followers, many people forget that the website and the content provided on it is the key to the right marketing. Of course, you have to put a lot more effort into designing a website than to populate an Instagram Page with a few images.

To help you build momentum, Christian shows in this class how to create a beautiful and accessible website quickly and cheaply. In addition, there are many tips and tricks on how to cache it and where to host it.

All participants get free hosting and a pre-installed WordPress.
This class is not a video course. Everybody can ask his questions and you get personal help.

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Our Instructors

Ogardonix Game Development - Christian Biever Warchief

Christian has been developing websites and online shops for over 20 years. He has been working with WordPress for years and knows all tips and tricks to make the site interesting for the user.