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Our goal is to offer services with high value for the game industry, specialy for the indie-developer scene. With our knowledge about business, investment and reach, we can provide small teams with all what they need to succeed. Most of them are struggeling with financial issues, managment, branding, reach and many more. Most of them don't understand that they can't do all on their own and that it is the bast choice to outsource everything where they aren't good in. We are trying to give more time to the developers by changing their way of thinking and educating them in the world of business. They can focus on game development and we will focus on how their brand and games will sell best.


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Christian Biever

Founder, Warchief

If you haven't tried it, you will never know it.

Caroline Scholl

Head of Communication

If it isn't organized well, it will fail.

Isamu Reuter

Head of Web

A website is more than just a nice design, there has to be a symbiosis between code and art.

Dan Muir

Head of Public Relation

Founder of PR Hound and export for reach and crowdfunding.

Jordy Meeder

Head of Marketing

Social Media marketing will give you the reach that you need to succeed

Cliff Ross

Head of Design

Founder of Crossmedia who loves to keep it clean and simple.


The Firewall Dog

No one will enter the office without my permission. Not even the Founder.